PT.Limas Sentosa Antarnusa - Jual Jasa Ekspedisi dan Ekspedisi Kereta Api

About Us

PT. Limas Sentosa Antarnusa (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

PT LIMAS SENTOSA ANTARNUSA was founded in 1991.
We are a company engaged in the field of expedition, especially shipping goods via one day service trains and retail trucks and charters. We have various types of services, which are related to adjusting customer needs ranging from ONE DAY SERVICE, EXPRESS, REGULAR as well as DOOR TO DOOR, DOOR TO PORT, PORT TO PORT, PORT TO DOOR. Want to send goods? Fast, Safe, Professional, and Reliable? Just limas!


Menawarkan kemudahan bagi para customer dalam hal pengiriman barang dengan harga yang kompetitif.


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